Artist's Proof and Consequences
Terry Toedtemeier
Tiny Bishop and his Rock Shop
Brad the Jazz Disc Jockey
A Hockney of Hockney Making a Hockney
Martha Casanave
Jack Lucas, Painting Conservationist
Ephraim and Rosa Doner
Bill Crispien, Camera Repairman
Cherie Hiser and her Support Group
Randers Koch, Artist
Restaurant André
Silverlocke and the 22 Bears
Linda Connor Photographs the Past
Jay Dusard
Mayor Bud Clark
Barbara Crane
Lillian Pitt Unmasked
Todd Walker
Graham Nash
Gordon Gilkey, Curator of Prints, Portland Art Museum
Jerry Uelsmann, Photographer
Walter Chappell
Henk Pander
Sleeping Beauty (Stanley Burns, M.D.)
Ollie Oldman, Harvard Law School
Cranial Czar, Eh? (Carl Chiarenza)
Mary Baskett
David Gans
George Johanson
Len Jenshel and Diane Cook
How Many Phils are there in Philadelphia? (Phil Straus)
120° In The Shade (Choprock Amphitheater)
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